5 Things a Person Needs To Ask a TMJ Chiropractor near Me
TMJ chiropractor near me


The jaw is critical to performing various activities like speaking and chewing. Sadly, if you get diagnosed with TMJ disorder, jaw pain becomes a huge part of your everyday routine. A person with TMJ disorder experiences pain mostly because the TMJ or temporomandibular joint has suffered from wear and tear. Alternatively, the disorder can also stem from an accident, physical injury, or neck trauma, which is why many patients look for relief and search TMJ chiropractor near me online.

If you have been struggling to cope with this condition, our five questions on TMJ pain below may help you find a better course of action to take.  

#1. Will The Pain Stop Even If I Don’t Get Help? 

Dealing with any pain disorder can be quite tricky. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach because each case has different severity. Some might only suffer from mild pain, while others complain about extreme stabbing sensations. 

Then, there’s also the matter of the underlying cause of your TMJ pain. If it got triggered by overuse of your temporomandibular joint, then the pain might subside once you change your activities. However, suppose the problem stems from a traumatic injury that caused a misalignment in your neck that is closely connected with your jaw. In that case, the pain will most likely stay until you seek the help of a health practitioner by searching TMJ chiropractor near me.

#2. Is It Better To Use Heat Or Cold?

Hot and cold therapies are probably the most popular remedies used to deal with pain and injuries. As a general rule, you should use ice to resolve the swelling and heat to stimulate natural healing. Hence, in the case of TMJ disorder, it’s better to tap into the benefits of cold therapy. Apply an ice pack on your painful TMJ every 15 minutes. 

As much as possible, you should avoid leaving the ice pack on your skin for a prolonged period because you might experience ice burns. Feel free to use this simple first aid technique each time you experience worsening of your TMJ pain.

#3. Should I Schedule A Trip to the Medical Doctor? 

TMJ disorder isn’t a life-threatening health problem. Indeed, it can cause you intense pain whenever you move your jaws while you eat or speak, but it rarely causes other worrying issues. However, if you suspect another cause behind your pain, such as oral cancer, you should call your primary doctor for a quick examination. This step may be critical if you have relatives diagnosed with oral cancer or other hereditary diseases that cause jaw pain like hypertension. 

Usually, signs of oral cancer and other jaw pain-causing diseases can get picked up by doctors during annual checkups. Make sure to ask about these or raise your concern to your physician to get additional confirmatory tests. 

#4. How Can a Previous Injury Trigger a TMJ Disorder?

You’ve probably typed TMJ chiropractor near me on Google as advised by your loved one. A friend might have experienced TMJ relief after receiving a chiropractic adjustment. But how exactly does that work? What does an injury have to do with your TMJ pain? 

The answer to that lies in the alignment of your cervical bones and spine. When the bones shift their original orientation, the nerve bundles such as the trigeminal nerves can get compressed or irritated. Consequently, this can trigger the onset of mild to severe jaw pain. 

The trigeminal nerve supplies sensation to your facial muscles and the jaws, so imagine what would happen if misaligned bones would press on to the fibers? If you have a history of injuries like whiplash, concussion, physical assault, or sports injury, you likely suffer from upper neck misalignments.  

If that’s the case, you will find it helpful to see a NUCCA chiropractor. This way, you can restore the normal alignment and prevent the nerves from receiving mixed signals from your brain. 

#5. Can a NUCCA TMJ Chiropractor Near Me Help?

The NUCCA method is a leading approach to managing TMJ pain. It’s a super gentle procedure that involves correcting issues along with the neck bones. The process itself is quite straightforward, and it involves understanding your neck bones’ structure and alignment. 

The procedure begins by examining the bones’ alignment through three-dimensional x-rays, postural evaluations, and mathematical measurement analysis. Then, once your NUCCA doctor establishes the misalignment pattern, you get to hear about the approach to use. If you find it a good fit for your needs, you can start receiving the adjustments. 

The NUCCA procedure is one of the most gentle approaches to bone alignment problems that resulted from injuries or trauma. It’s also widely studied and shows promising potential in curbing the intensity of TMJ pain. Besides helping you cope with TMJ disorders, NUCCA can provide you with additional benefits such as:

  • Improved range of motion
  • Decreased muscle tension along the jaws
  • Restored vitality and energy
  • Reduced sleeping difficulties


TMJ Disorder Isn’t A Hopeless Problem

Living with TMJ pain never falls short of challenges. However, that doesn’t mean that you should completely give up on finding an effective remedy. If nothing else worked for you, we suggest investigating the NUCCA procedure. It has worked for many TMJ patients, so it might also be exactly what you need. 

Start addressing your jaw pain today. Instead of typing TMJ chiropractor near me on Google, you can locate a nearby NUCCA doctor just by clicking this directory!