NUCCA Committees & Strategic Activities

NUCCA Committees are the heart and blood of the many NUCCA projects and initiatives that happen throughout each year. A dedicated group of members step-up and work alongside staff to deliver member value, think strategically and move the mission of NUCCA forward. Below you will find information on each committee as well as the strategic initiatives that are championed by each committee. Join one of our NUCCA Committees today!

Benefits of volunteering:

  • Extend your professional network
  • Enhance your leadership skills
  • Take advantage of numerous opportunities for professional development
  • Support the upper cervical chiropractic community

Below is a list of our Committees and current strategic initiatives and the responsible (R) and assist (A) parties moving the initiatives forward. If interested, please reach out to NUCCA Staff at We look forward to having you be a part of our team!

Certification & Standards Committee

Dr. Marshall Dickholtz, Co-Chair
Dr. Craig Lapenski, Co-Chair

The Standards / Certification Committee shall be responsible for developing, establishing, advocating and implementing standards of patient care for doctors designed to facilitate education by testing proficiency and competency and to design and evaluate, test and approve equipment and instruments as well as the procedures to be taught and used in our educational programs.

  • Standardization of Certification process (R – Craig Lapenski; A – Marshall Dickholtz, Jr.)
  • BC Issues (R – Jeff Scholten; A – Julia Radwanski)

 Completed Projects
Availability of NUCCA equipment 


Collegiality Committee

Dr. Don Irwin
Co-Chair – Open

The NUCCA Collegiality Committee enhances the collegiality of NUCCA both internally with the members that create the NUCCA organization and externally within the chiropractic profession and inter-professionally. The mission of the Collegiality Committee is to foster the cooperative relationship of colleagues. Goal for this year is to make NUCCA conferences fun, warm, and welcoming to first time and longtime.

  • Member Engagement (R – OPEN; A – Management)
  • Diversity Equity & Inclusion (R – Management; A – Graham Denton)
  • Ombuds Committee (R – Steven MacDonald; A Johanna Hoeller) view Ombuds process here

Completed projects:
Creation of Ombuds Committee & Policy

Communications Committee

Dr. Corey Burt, Co-Chair
Dr. Catherine Zabelin, Co-Chair

The NUCCA Communications Committee shall be responsible for promotion of the NUCCA industry, official publications of the association, oversight of the association website and social media and any other duties as assigned by leadership. The Committee is challenged to identify optimal messages and approaches to reach the NUCCA community, enhance membership and always support the NUCCA mission statement.  The committee will work closely with staff to ensure consistency in messaging as well as the proper messages are being distributed.

  • Increase presence at industry events – establish liaisons (R – Management; A – Glenn Cripe)
  • Increase interdisciplinary relationships (R – OPEN; A – Glenn Cripe)
  • Enhance NUCCA PR (R – Management; A – Corey Burt)

Completed Projects:
Creation of Online Textbook
Website refresh
NUCCA Online Modules
Bylaws Revision

Education Committee

Dr. Barbara Read, Co-Chair
Dr. Julia Radwanski, Co-Chair

The NUCCA Education Committee is responsible for creating and implementing educational programs for student and graduate chiropractors, faculty and administrators of chiropractic educational institutions, and members of other health care professions to teach and train doctors of chiropractic and chiropractic student interns to provide the procedures discovered and developed by NUCCA research. Programs include the Spring Conference, Fall Conference and Regional Workshops.

  • Consistency with Regional Workshops (winter, summer) in a variety of locations (R – Management; A – OPEN)


Ethics Committee

Dr. Ben Kuhn

The NUCCA Ethics Committee is responsible for further defining and formalizing the scope of the NUCCA trademark and copyright. It also empowers the membership with information and tools to police and help enforce the NUCCA trademark and copyright as a group and to develop more procedural guidelines in consultation with the Standards and Certification Committee to further define the acceptable uses of NUCCA.

Fundraising Committee

Chair: Dr. Glenn Cripe

The Fundraising Committee shall be composed of a chair (appointed by the Chair of the Board and approved by the Board at the Board of Directors semiannual meeting in the spring) and members selected by the chair. It shall be the duty of this Committee to work with the development director, administration, and staff to acquire funding for the research projects of the Corporation from outside sources, including but not limited to funding from government, institutional, corporate, and private sources.

Completed Projects:
Launched new Annual Sponsorship Campaign

Finance Committee

Dr. Julia Radwanski

The Finance Committee shall be composed of a chair (appointed by the President and approved by the Board at the Board of Directors annual meeting) and members selected by the chair. It shall be the duty of this committee to prepare a budget for the fiscal year beginning the first day of January, to be approved by the Board of Directors at the Semiannual meeting in conjunction with the spring conference, to submit for audit the financial records of the Corporation and to submit reports to the Board of Directors at its Semiannual meetings. The Finance Committee shall also be responsible for the financial resources of the Corporation.

Nominating Committee

Dr. Craig Lapenski

At the annual meeting of the Board of Directors, the President shall appoint a Nominating Committee of two members, who shall present in writing (at least thirty days prior to the annual meeting) the name of one candidate for each office of Director to be filled that year from the membership.

Professional Opportunities Committee (Student Affairs)

Dr. Brian Cripe, Co-Chair
Dr. Kyrie Kleinfelter, Co-Chair

The Student Affairs committee works to bring all that our organization has to offer to colleges around the country, ensuring that our NUCCA club members and students know about the NUCCA technique, our organization, and work to ensure NUCCA’s presence in upper cervical education is well-known.

  • Expand NUCCA presence in chiropractic colleges (R – Brian Cripe; A – Kyrie Kleinfelter)


Upper Cervical Research Foundation (UCRF)

The Research Committee shall be known as the UCRF and shall be composed of at least five and not more than eleven members, a majority of whom are fully certified and who are in good standing in the Corporation. The officers shall be elected by the members of the UCRF and shall select two representatives of the Certification Committee to serve on the Board of Directors selecting one representative each year at the annual meeting for a term of two years. The UCRF is devoted to developing and facilitating comprehensive research to investigate the relationship between the biomechanical and neurological balance of the upper cervical spine and its profound effect on human health and well- being.

  • Identify health condition where NUCCA is seen as the expert and provide modular training (R – Jeff Scholten; A – Ben Kuhn)


Store Committee

Dr. Catherine Zabelin, Chair

The NUCCA store exists to offer standards and certification-approved products and resources to Chiropractors at large with the goal of supporting upper cervical practice. The emphasis is to guide the upper cervical practitioner philosophically, scientifically and artistically to allow the doctor to offer the best care to his/her patients. 

  • NUCCA Store Development (R – Catherine Zabelin; A – OPEN)