NUCCA Student Member Benefits

NUCCA Benefits for Students

  • Access to the full library of NUCCA’s On-Line Modules and the Online NUCCA Textbook detailing all aspects of the NUCCA procedure.
  • Access to the Settleback Sessions
  • Proficiency Program geared for the student to learn all the basics of NUCCA.
  • Access to The Upper Cervical Monograph: (NUCCA’s articles) dating back to the 1980’s to present with many articles from Dr. R. Gregory the founder of NUCCA.
  • Access to the NUCCA/UCRF research materials.
  • Opportunity to learn a technique which is scientifically, and subluxation based.
  • To learn NUCCA’s Protocol that can be followed to develop a successful practice.
  • NUCCA provides $1,000.00 per year for student club support.
  • Notifications and access to regional workshops.


NUCCA hosts two national conferences annually. Typically, the Spring Conference takes place in Newport Beach, CA, while the Fall Conference is held in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Attendees can expect the following experiences:

  • Both hands on, and lecture types of learning experiences
  • A free job fair (includes lunch) at the conferences where you can meet and talk directly to doctors looking to mentor or for associates
  • A free “lunch with a doctor opportunity where you can ask all questions regarding setting up or running an office.
  • The President and V.P. of NUCCA Student Clubs receive one free conference.
  • When in a club, a NUCCA doctor will mentor/zoom (needs to be arranged) with the club one time a month to help the club with questions that come up at the other club meetings
  • Hotel rooms at conferences are free for Student Members
  • A very active certification program.
  • Goodman $500.00 scholarship opportunity.
  • Essay on NUCCA. The best essay will be awarded a free conference.

NUCCA Student Membership Packages

The ability for NUCCA to flourish has always been dependent upon the commitment and involvement of our membership and we are profoundly appreciative of that support. Our student members in particular play a vital role within the NUCCA organization and are the future of the industry. We are thrilled you’re here!

We offer a few student membership options depending your interest:

Membership Package Options

  • Option 1: $345 (includes both 2024 conferences, Spring & Fall)
  • Option 2: $245 (includes one 2024 conference, either Spring or Fall)

Basic Membership Option

  • $95 (neither conference included)

Membership runs from January 1 – December 31. To join or renew, please visit our membership page here. If you have any questions on student membership options or benefits, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at