NUCCA's Ombuds Committee


Adopted: June, 2020

This is a special committee established to provide an accessible and independent mechanism for addressing disputes or complaints respectfully and constructively for the members of NUCCA.  With a focus on fairness, equity and resect, the Ombuds Committee, being clearly and visibly independent, builds the capacity to help NUCCA be accountable to its Code of Conduct and Mission Statement.

The Ombuds Committee listens and understands issues while remaining neutral with respect to the facts. The Committee doesn’t listen to judge or to decide who is right or wrong. The Committee listens to understand the issue from the perspective of the individual. The Committee pursues resolution of conflict using the approach that is appropriate to the circumstances.  The Ombuds Committee will take into account the general principles of good administration, good practice and professional standards and any code of conduct that may apply.  The Committee operates in a manner to preserve the confidentiality of those seeking services and maintains a neutral/impartial position with respect to the concerns raised. As such, the Ombuds Committee shall take the reasonable steps to safeguard such confidentiality.

The Ombuds Committee shall report on its activities and on how the resolution of disputes is undertaken in whatever forum is appropriate given the circumstances, to promote transparency and accountability.

It is recommended that the Ombuds Committee be selected from within the Ambassador group of NUCCA.  No one may serve on the Ombuds Committee that currently serves on any other committee or the NUCCA or UCRF Board of Directors.

The Chair of the Ombuds Committee shall be the Chair of Ambassador Group. The Committee itself shall consist of no less than two but no more than four individuals from the Ambassador Group. The Committee members shall be chosen by the committee and approved by the Chair.

2021 Ombuds Committee
Dr. Patricia Gregg
Dr. Johanna Hoeller
Dr.  Steven MacDonald

Have an issue to report? Submit your issue by clicking the button below. All submissions will be sent directly to the Chair(s) of the Committee and to no other individuals.