Links and Sponsors


The Ralph R. Gregory Memorial Foundation (Canada) was created to support patients, doctors, students and the general public by funding and supporting NUCCA research, education, public awareness, and by establishing an endowment fund to enable future generations to continue receiving this miraculous process of healing.


The Upper Cervical Research Foundation is devoted to developing and facilitating comprehensive research to investigate the relationship between the biomechanical and neurological balance of the upper cervical spine and its profound effect on human health and well being.


Upper Cervical Advocates

Upper Cervical Advocates represent the many thousands who have benefited from the specific correction of the Upper Cervical Spine (C1-atlas and/or C2-axis).


Parker College of Chiropractic

For nearly 100 years, the chiropractic community has specialized in holistic health focusing on the body’s natural ability to heal itself when maintained and protected.


Life University

Life University is a community that empowers and inspires individuals to discover and design lives of success and significance.


Life Chiropractic College West

Life Chiropractic College West is a dynamic environment where you achieve your dream of being a chiropractor who truly makes a difference to the holistic health of your community.


Chiropractic Leadership Alliance

CLA – Revolutionizes the practice and perception of Chiropractic worldwide.


Success In Chiropractic

Offering a new business model to support Upper Cervical chiropractors in multiple career pathways for achieving success.


Upper Cervical Store

The Upper Cervical Store is a manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of chiropractic equipment and supplies, and is an official supplier of equipment to NUCCA.


123 is the world’s largest Chiropractic portal.


Upper Cervical Health Centers®

Upper Cervical Health Centers® (UCHC®) offers doctors who are passionate about Upper Cervical care the opportunity to own and operate a successful Upper Cervical practice.


My Chiro Correction

We offer doctors who are passionate about Upper Cervical care the opportunity to own and operate a successful Upper Cervical practice.


Orthometric Chair

Moore Controls manufactures the Orthometric Chair, a screening & diagnostic measurement device that quickly and accurately measures patient leg length insufficiency (LLI).


Titronics Research & Development Co.

Manufactures Thermographic Scanners and software to support chiropractic care.


Benesh Corporation

Benesh Corporation manufactures a complete line of anatometers, the sole instrument officially endorsed by NUCCA and is the official instrument used in Upper Cervical Research Foundation supported research


NexySoft DC

The number One Chiropractic Clinic Management Software Company.


Citrus Pie Marketing Group

A video production / video marketing company offering one-stop shopping for your online and offline marketing needs from video commercials to websites, social media campaigns, branding services, and more!