Welcome to the 14th annual UCRF Small Steps to Success Campaign
November 1 - November 30, 2022

As we continue to see Chiropractic governance challenges throughout the United States and Canada regarding Chiropractic scope of practice, particularly the current x-ray issues in British Columbia, it’s never been more evident how important research studies are to support the future of our NUCCA practices. 

As a member of NUCCA, you can individually help support the research efforts we conduct under the Upper Cervical Research Foundation (UCRF) by participating in our annual Small Steps Campaign. You will have the opportunity to educate your patients on our research findings and their participation within your individual practice can also help ensure the upper cervical research we conduct will help many for years to come.   

This annual “Small Steps to Success Flexible Giving Campaign” is an important part of UCRF. Every year we raise awareness and financial resources to support our ongoing UCRF research. To see the benefits of the prior investments and significant efforts put forward by the organization since 1971, please visit the UCmonograph.org website.

Our goal for 2022 is to raise $25,000 to fund the formation of a Posture Study the Research Board is preparing to undertake in 2023.

Thanks to the generous donations of our past supporters, we have been able to complete several important research projects to date and are helping to launch many new projects.

One of the studies is The Phase Contrast Magnetic Resonance Imaging (PCMRI) Migraine study. This is a multidisciplinary project that created partnerships between NUCCA, Neurologists, and Radiologists at MR Innovations (Detroit). Advanced MRI data analysis of the Migraine study was completed allowing for exploration of observed hemodynamic and hydrodynamic flow pattern changes following the NUCCA correction of the Atlas Subluxation Complex.  A series of additional manuscripts are being prepared for submission to various journals in 2022.

These and other study findings have opened the door for NUCCA to be presented to a wider audience including the International Society of Neurovascular Disease (ISNVD), the International Research and Philosophy Symposium (IRAPS), and the American Chiropractic Colleges Research Agenda Conference (ACC-RAC), to mention a few.

View and share the 2022 UCRF Impact Report with your friends, patients and those with an interest in NUCCA research. There you will see a snapshot of the multiple UCRF projects that have been successfully achieved from our research efforts over the past 13 years.

All the resources you need to run this campaign in your office are here below

Admin Instructions (USA)
Admin Instructions (Canada)
Mail in donation form & info
Patient Letter (USA)
Patient Letter (Canada)

Please contact the Upper Cervical Research Foundation (USA) at 1-877-558-0410 or the Ralph R. Gregory Memorial Foundation (Canada) at 1-866-342-4476 if you have any questions about how to run a Small Steps to Success campaign in your office, our research projects, or how to make a corporate donation.

Thank you again for your participation and support!