Small Steps Fundraising Campaign

This is year marks the 12th year of the annual UCRF Small Steps to Success Research Fundraising Campaign. We are very grateful to all of those donors and supporters of this campaign over the past 11 years. Your contributions have helped move UCRF research forward on many levels. Thank you!

The UCRF Board of Directors has made the decision not to proceed with our regular fundraising campaign this year. Due to the financial impact of the COVID-19 on most of our communities there will not be a formal campaign this November.

For anyone who wishes to continue their support for our ongoing research efforts, you may still donate by clicking on the donate button offered above or click here to download more information and mail in a donation.

To review the benefits of our past fundraising campaigns and research efforts since 1971, please visit the website.

By clicking here, you can review our UCRF Impact Report and see the multiple projects that have been successfully achieved with our research over the past 10 years.

Please contact the Upper Cervical Research Foundation (USA) at 1-877-558-0410 or the Ralph R. Gregory Memorial Foundation (Canada) at 1-866-342-4476 if you have any questions about our research projects or how to make a corporate donation.