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The NUCCA spinal corrective procedure is based on measurable and tested procedures that have been developed starting with the work of Dr Ralph R.Gregory and Dr John F. Grostic in their collaboration between 1941 and 1946.   

As Dr Gregory founded the NUCCA organization in 1966, he wanted an organization that was founded on tested and proven principles and procedures.  The Board of Directors created an organization designed to be tested, advanced and refined.  Due to the great complexity of the Atlas Subluation Complex, and its detrimental effects on the health and physiology of patients, Dr. Gregory started the Board Certification Program.  This program was initially a testing program that allowed doctors to advance their level of skill in the understanding and reduction of the ASC.  In the late 90’s Dr Marshall Dickholtz Jr. worked to develop the program into a testing and mentoring program which continues to be refined today.  The program is the foundation of NUCCA’s educational process.   

While all members who practice the NUCCA procedures are encouraged to be actively engaged in their ongoing learning and development, the program is voluntary.  In order to assist the public in finding help we have developed a Locate a Doctor Function that endeavors to explain what the different competencies achieved by the membership mean.  In any procedure where the complexity is high and skillsets are individual, it can be challenging to understand what is meant by a group and their trade’s venacular.  With that in mind, our goal is to make finding a qualified practitioner simple. 

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How to use the NUCCA Doctor Directory:

Depending on a patients location, access to levels of education and experience among practitioners can vary. While our organization is continually working to create more highly skilled practitioners, we suggest using this directory to help patients find the most qualified doctors.  The capacity of a patients recovery and physiological alteration can depend largely on the training received. 

Board Certified Doctor (Green)-has completed all of the education and testing processes that are involved in the imaging, analysis, biomechanical understanding, and adjusting skillset development.  These doctors are our top clinicians having completed the most rigorous mentoring process in the area of the Atlas Subluxation Complex.  These doctors have completed the level 1, level 2, level 3 candidacies and then their final board certification submission. 

Active Candidate (Orange, Purple, Pink) – these doctors are actively engaged in the certification program having submitted in the past two years.  

Member (Gray) – these doctors are active dues paying members. 

NUCCA is a membership-based organization, made up of practicing doctors that perform the NUCCA technique. This directory is made up only of doctors that are active members of our organization who are regularly attending conferences to enhance their clinical skills.

Not all locations will have a NUCCA member doctor in close proximity, please consider expanding your search if your search criteria is not producing results.

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  1. Enter your zip code or city, not state, for a comprehensive list of NUCCA doctors in your area.
  2. Expand your search by clicking the red toggle button to choose a wider search radius.
    1. If your search criteria deliver no results, it means that a NUCCA member doctor is not within your search radius, consider expanding your search even farther. 
  3. Use the plus or minus (collapse and expand) feature on the physical map to view doctor pins in your surrounding area.  

NUCCA Board Certification:

NUCCA Board Certification is not a requirement but is additional education and training that members of our organization are provided.

Color Legend:

= Board Certified NUCCA Doctor = Level 3 Candidate  = Level 2 Candidate  = Level 1 Candidate  = NUCCA Member