Sleeping Soundly Even With Constant Backaches
Backaches, lower back pain chiropractor or massage


Besides being synonymous with suffering, back pain often come hand in hand with sleepless nights. As a result, most people seek a lower back pain chiropractor or massage therapist to help them ease the pain.

If you’re not keen on taking pain medications due to concerns about side effects, allergies or sensitivity to certain drugs, there are other options you can take for back pain. Find out more about what you can do with recurring backaches and sleeping problems below. 


Why Do You Get Back Pain?

Back pain is a symptom that arises from a long list of health conditions. Some of these develop as people age, such as spinal stenosis and osteoarthritis. However, others occur because of an injury at work, auto accidents, or poor posture. 

Because of the varying cause of backaches, the severity of pain can also vary. Some might experience mild discomfort that disappears after getting a massage or doing gentle muscle stretches. Others report recurring back pain that intensifies as the years pass. We’ve gathered some of the most common reasons why back pain happens below.

Osteoarthritis or spinal arthritis 

Did you know that roughly 27 million Americans have osteoarthritis? If this is the reason behind your achy back, it means that the cartilage tissue separating your spinal bones has started to weaken or wear out. This may result in limited motion and pain each time you flex your back muscles. 

Spinal stenosis

Spinal stenosis is another problem among aging individuals. It can be a severe condition that leads to the narrowing of the spinal bone canal. When this happens, the tissue and nerves near the affected bone suffer the most impact. 

Ligament or muscle strain

Repetitive use of your muscles or awkward carrying of a heavy load can result in excruciating back pain. Muscle strain is among the top reasons why folks get the help of a lower back pain chiropractor or massage therapist. If your job entails intensive manual work, the aching problem will only keep progressing.   

Herniated or bulging intervertebral discs 

Herniated or bulging intervertebral discs often lead to a tingling, burning, or numbing feeling on one or more regions on your back. 

If you get diagnosed with a bulging or herniated disc, you have a 90 percent chance of eliminating the pain within six months. Doctors typically prescribe pain medication to cope with the discomfort brought by the disc pressing onto the nerves and muscle tissues.  

Spinal misalignment

Even the most minor changes in your spinal bones’ alignment can cause a series of unfortunate consequences to your body. Accidents and injuries tear loose the connective tissue that holds the spine in place, this allows the spine to break down and lock into a stressed position. This can lead to a variety of symptoms including back pain, sciatica and more.


How to Get a Relaxing Sleep When You Have Back Pain 

If you have a back pain-causing condition such as those we discussed above, you likely have trouble getting enough restorative rest. While seeing a lower back pain chiropractor or massage therapist can frequently help you in experiencing relief, you should also consider doing a couple of things to improve your sleep. 

Here are several tips you can try: 

Stick to a consistent schedule 

Sleep doctors explain that having a well-established sleeping routine is essential to enjoying a quality restorative sleep. It allows your body to sleep and wake at the same time each day. With an established schedule, you can fall asleep with greater ease. 

Say hello to a better mattress 

The best mattresses they cost you more money – but at least you know that your back gets ample support when you lay down. As much as possible, stay away from soft and worn-out mattresses because they will only worsen the pain. Be sure to check customer reviews on the top mattresses so you can pick the perfect product. 

Avoid sleeping on your stomach 

When your spine is already suffering from a misalignment or a structural abnormality, it’s best to provide it with the best support you can give. That’s why you should avoid sleeping on your belly. Sleeping on your back or side is best. 

Investing in suitable pillows

Apart from switching to a firm mattress, we also strongly recommend using better quality pillows. When you shop for a pillow, we highly recommend picking one that best suits your sleeping style. For example, if you tend to sleep on your back, we suggest using a thinner type of pillow. If you sleep on your side, you can shop for pillows with a thicker width so that you can maintain a neutral sleeping position.  


NUCCA and Back Pain

Apart from trying the best sleeping practices above, you can also try seeing a lower back pain chiropractor or massage therapist; the first option most importantly. For years, researchers and the healthcare community have been looking into the benefits and uses of restoring and maintaining spinal health. The NUCCA chiropractic approach focuses on restoring normal alignment to the spine.

If you look at case studies done over the years, you can find plenty of patients with mild to chronic back pain who found immense relief from NUCCA spinal care. It’s a natural and effective method that can provide you maximum and lasting relief from back pain. This way, you can manage the aching back issue and ensure you get enough rest at night. 

NUCCA is gentle, precise, and practical, making it a popular approach among patients feeling frustrated for the lack of improvement they see with the back pain remedies they have tried.

Talk to a NUCCA chiropractor practitioner near you today to learn more about how you can manage your back pain.