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A few tips on searching for NUCCA doctors:

  • When searching, the results are based on closest proximity from where you search. Inputting your zip code will work best in providing accurate results.
  • The results will default to show the first 25 doctors within 25 miles, to expand your search, use the “distance” and “# of results” dropdowns.
  • This directory publishes contact information for NUCCA Doctors that are current members of the NUCCA Organization.
  • There is not a NUCCA doctor located in every City or State.
  • The results are ordered by proficiency levels associated to the criteria of the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association.
    • Listed first on the site are NUCCA Board Certified doctors, directly followed by doctors who are participating as candidates in the NUCCA Board Certification process. There are three specific developmental levels of candidate participation. Candidates who have completed the requirements of a specific developmental level are distinguished by: Level 3 Candidate, Level 2 Candidate and Level 1 Candidate. Followed by doctors who have completed a specific candidate level but are currently inactive in the NUCCA Board Certification process, followed then by members of the NUCCA organization that are not participants in NUCCA Board Certification.

Color Legend:

Directory Pin Green = Board Certified NUCCA Doctor  = Level 3 Candidate = Level 2 Candidate = Level 1 Candidate

Directory pin gray = NUCCA Member  Directory red pin = Your Location