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NUCCA doctor search tips:

  • Enter in your ZIP CODE.
  • The results will show the first 25 doctors within 25 miles. To expand your search, use the “distance” and “# of results” drop-downs.


NUCCA is a membership-based organization, made up of practicing doctors that perform the NUCCA technique. This directory is made up only of doctors that are active members of our organization, regularly attending conferences to enhance their clinical skills.

Board Certification:

  • All doctors listed in our directory are board-certified, practicing NUCCA doctors. NUCCA Board Certification is not a requirement but is additional education and training that members of our organization are provided.
  • When you search, doctors that are NUCCA Board Certified are listed first, followed by doctors who are currently candidates in the process of receiving certification.
  • Here is the order in which the doctors will be listed:
    • NUCCA Board Certified Doctors
    • Level 3 Board Candidates
    • Level 2 Board Candidates
    • Level 1 Board Candidates
    • NUCCA Member


Color Legend:

Directory Pin Green = Board Certified NUCCA Doctor = Level 3 Candidate = Level 2 Candidate = Level 1 Candidate Directory pin gray = NUCCA Member Directory red pin = Your Location