Top 5 Back Pain Myths Exposed
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“Back pain is such a pain in the neck!”

Confused? Let’s get to the neck part a bit later.

First, let’s agree that people who experience pain in their body attribute it to so many things.  Those who seek a low back pain chiropractor think it is because of some physical activity or straining themselves at a hobby or sport. Some also assume that all of us will feel pain in our backs whether we do hard manual work or even by just remaining sedentary. It’s an age thing, they say.

Research shows that 8 out of 10 people have back pain. Multiply that number by the world’s population, and you’ll easily have millions of people who walk around with aches in their bodies.

For this reason, it is crucial for people to really know the real causes of back pain. Even if they use the internet to search for their backaches’ possible causes, they are bound to get confused with the sheer volume of information out there. Understanding the root causes of their back problems will explain how to approach or choose from several back pain relief options.

To dispel wrong or misleading information, let’s look at some of the false beliefs or myths related to a backache.

Top 5 Myths About Back Pain

Myth #1: We always need to sit up straight to avoid back pain

Most people believe that we need to sit up straight all the time to avoid back pain.  But actually, being too stiff or tense in a seated position puts a strain on the back muscles as well as the neck, shoulders, glutes, and legs.

Being upright when we sit is good as long as the chair we use is ergonomically designed to support the spine’s natural “S” curve.  Lower back pain develops when there is excessive tension on the lumbar area, especially when the seat has a very hard backrest and surface. When there is no “give” or capacity to absorb body weight, the hard seat becomes a counter-weight that presses on all the muscles, ligaments, and nerves that it comes into contact with.

Myth #2: Lifting weights at the gym leads to back pain

There is also a false assumption that lifting weights in the gym will automatically cause back pain. Any first-timer in the gym will get muscle pains as a result of the initial workout. Carrying very heavy dumbbells, barbells, or any other resistance training equipment will result in muscle strain. This is how muscles are built, after all.  Micro-tears stem from lifting the weights. The body rebuilds muscle fiber tears to produce larger muscles. It is the wrong way of lifting weights in the gym that damages the body and ends up in back pain, or worse.   

Over time and with a good coach and low back pain chiropractor, an individual gains strength and learns proper weightlifting technique, the body gets used to the workout, and no more pain exists. Muscles become stronger, including the ones in the back or lumbar region.

 Myth #3: Staying in Bed Will Get Rid of Back Pain

A few believe that staying in bed and avoiding any physical exertion is key to getting rid of back pain.  Those with injuries must indeed take time to rest.  However, living a sedentary lifestyle is a ticket to get lower back pain.  When the body does not get adequate exercise, its muscles and bones weaken.  It becomes more vulnerable to many types of health issues, including backaches.

Myth #4: Thin People Don’t Get Back Pain

Another interesting myth is that thin people never have any problems with back pain. While people with excess weight are more prone to back pain, those who are thinly built are certainly not immune from lumbar pain.

Myth #5:  Bed Mattresses Don’t Matter

Far too many people also pay little attention to the mattress that they use at home. A poorly designed mattress or an old bed can also cause back pain.  At night, when we naturally roll or change sleeping positions, our bodies can get trapped in sags or folds that place our spinal column, muscles, and ligaments in bad angles. These unwanted angles could cause back pain as well as problems for the neck, shoulders, hips, and legs.

Your Back Pain Might Actually Be a Neck Problem

Unknown to many, back pain may be traced all the way up to the head and neck.  It is not just a lumbar problem but, quite possibly, an issue of a misaligned upper cervical spine. When the upper cervical spine’s bones are out of natural and proper position, it changes the structure of the entire chain of vertebra. This leads to nerve compression, undue stress on ligaments, and other health issues that result in lower back pain.

When it is said that “back pain is such a pain in the neck,” it is actually an accurate description of the condition. The good news is that no one needs to endure the pain one second longer than necessary.  By working with highly skilled NUCCA chiropractors, people with back pain can finally get the help they need and the pain relief they long for.

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