Sciatica FAQs: Answers to 9 Common Questions
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Sciatica affects a large fraction of the population. However, sciatica remains one of the most misunderstood conditions in the medical community. If you or a family member have sciatica, knowing about the condition could come in handy in minimizing its impact on your life.

In the short list below, we’ll go through some of the common questions asked by patients about sciatica, such as “what triggers sciatica?” and “would looking for a sciatica chiropractor near me help in finding relief?” Learn more about your condition and how you can experience lasting relief as you read on. 

#1 Can sciatica worsen if you ignore it?

To answer this question correctly, you’ll need to retrace your sciatica’s root cause. Is it a symptom of a more severe underlying condition? If yes, then you need to have your underlying condition sorted out to see improvements. If, on one hand, it got triggered by physical trauma, it means your back pain may likely go away once the swelling subsides.

Seeing a sciatica chiropractor can also help you. With the help of a NUCCA doctor, you can check for cervical bone misalignment that could affect your recovery.   

#2 Does sciatica symptoms resolve without the need for intervention? 

A quick answer to this question is no. If you wish to see significant improvements, it’s crucial to make lifestyle adjustments such as incorporating food items rich in magnesium and B vitamins to your diet and keeping yourself physically active through exercises.

Seeking some form of care like massages or typing sciatica chiropractor near me on Google could also come in handy, especially in promoting natural healing.  

#3 Can painkillers treat my sciatica?

Until today, medical doctors haven’t found a solution for sciatica. When you consistently take pain medication such as Ibuprofen, you’re only addressing the inflammation, which may not be the only cause of your pain. The effects of your pain medication also tend to wear out after a few hours, leaving your problem unresolved. And while it may be tempting to take more doses or prolong your Ibuprofen intake, this could result in other issues such as stomach ulcers.

#4 How long will my sciatica pain last? 

It’s virtually impossible to provide you with an estimate of how long you need to wait for your pain to go away. That’s because several factors can affect your condition. Some of these include the root cause, pain management methods you use, accompanying health issues, stress levels, and lifestyle choices. Be extra patient and try to monitor your pain levels. By doing so, you can determine what adjustments work for you.

#5 Can exercise help me cope?

While some people believe that exercise would only worsen their pain, in truth, it could provide you with a lot of benefits. For starters, it strengthens your core, providing your spine with enough support so you can reduce pressure on the nerve.

You can also do cardio exercises so you can maintain optimal weight and avoid becoming sedentary. Just remember not to over-exert yourself when engaging in physical activities. Ask a sciatica chiropractor near me, a physical therapist, or your physician about the best exercises you can use to cope with back pain. 

#6 Which works better: cold or hot compress?

Both cold and hot compress can help manage pain and promote your body’s natural healing process. The key to maximizing their healing benefits is by knowing how they can help you. If your goal is to reduce inflammation, you should apply ice or cold compress on the affected areas. It can help you decrease pain and potentially relieve pressure on the irritated and compressed nerve.

On one hand, heat promotes blood flow, bringing blood, oxygen, and nutrients that speed up your body’s recovery. As a rule of thumb, use a cold compress to deal with the swelling or pain caused by sciatica. Using heat may induce inflammation, which could worsen your condition. 

#7 Is there a specific sleeping position that can help with sciatica pain?

As much as possible, you should avoid sleeping on your stomach. It only leaves your spine twisted, causing you more pain. Try to sleep on your back with a pillow placed behind your knees instead. If you are a side sleeper, make sure to put a pillow between your knees to prevent your back from twisting. 

#8 Can my sciatica result from trauma? 

Absolutely! Neck and head injuries can result in sciatica pain. If your topmost neck bones, the atlas and axis get misaligned, your spine suffers. As a result, the rest of your body needs to compensate to ensure that your head stays balanced. It’s quite common to see these structural changes a few months or years after an injury such as whiplash. So, it’s good practice to consult with a sciatica chiropractor near me.  

#9 Can I find sciatica relief through natural methods? 

If you confirm that you have neck bone misalignment, receiving NUCCA chiropractic could provide you with lasting relief. Essentially, the NUCCA technique involves correcting the misalignment through calculated and gentle adjustments. It can help you see gradual improvements in your symptoms and allow you to enjoy living a pain-free life. 


Find a NUCCA doctor near you today to learn more about the process and how you can benefit from the procedure.