Follow These 8 Reminders to Stop Your Neck Pain
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Ask a neck pain chiropractor, and they would tell you headaches and neck issues are a frequent persistent sources of discomfort for people. We have come up with a list of the things you should and shouldn’t do to achieve relief from neck aches.


Reminders for Your Neck Pain

1. Read at eye level.

Regardless if you are using a computer, tablet, smart phone, or an actual book, bring it up to eye level. Doing so reduces the strain on your neck that usually comes from looking down. You can use a stand so your arms won’t grow weary of holding up your reading material.

2. Drink water and stay hydrated.

In today’s busy world, drinking plain water is becoming a novelty. The standard beverage options are sports drinks, coffee, and tea. While these options can help you power through your day, having a glass of water will do wonders for your body. It can flush away the toxins and help you feel refreshed.

People who do not often hydrate enough experience stiff joints. Since your neck has bones, discs, and joints, expect some pain in this area if you do not drink enough water.

3. Use ergonomic equipment.

If you work at your desk, use an ergonomic chair that provides the right cushion to support your frame. Most people don’t consider that the likely source of their neck pain starts from somewhere else. Many lower back issues can become so severe that the pain can radiate towards the neck and the head.

An ergonomic keyboard can help reduce muscle strain in your arms as well. Regular keyboards are often the cause of muscle spasm that results in sore arms, shoulders, and necks.

4. Upgrade your bed and pillows.

If your mattress and pillows are lumpy, then you might feel beaten up in the morning. A good bed needs to provide support to your frame so you can sleep properly at night. Make sure your set offers the right support, particularly to your neck’s arch. Pillows that are too fluffy and soft may not provide arch support, leading to a strained neck. Ensure that you do not stack your pillows too high because the extra height will overextend your neck.

5. Observe proper posture.

For something that has been instilled in us since we were kids, this one is something we often forget to do. A neck pain chiropractor suggests avoiding slouching so as not to strain your neck. While working at your desk, stop yourself from leaning too far forward. Doing so increases the load taken on by your neck. Most people don’t know that this is a sure way of having neck aches at the end of the day. 

When walking, opt for a backpack that evenly distributes the weight to your body. Sling bags work if they are not heavy. If you catch yourself having to shift your bag every so often, pay attention. It’s your body’s way of letting you know that your load is a bit much.

Did you know that posture does not only pertain to sitting and standing? It also includes lifting. The usual way most people lift is by bending over to pick it up. Why don’t you squat and bring the item close to your body, then push yourself up? By doing so, you save yourself back and neck pains.

Another posture you need to be mindful of is your sleeping position. As much as possible, sleep on your back and not on your stomach. Lying face down forces you to move your head to the side and hold that position until you shift to the other side. The slight twist to your neck causes stress to the muscles can lead to neck pain.

6. Use the speakerphone function of your phone.

Cradling your phone between your shoulders and neck is such an uncomfortable position that you know it can only lead to one thing: sore neck muscles. If you must, go ahead and use the speaker mode of your phones. Better yet, use headsets if you need to multitask. A neck pain chiropractor reminds everyone that these two options are readily available. Use them to save yourself the agony.

7. Avoid high contact sports.

Displaying your prowess in wrestling, boxing, football, or ice hockey can be exhilarating. It can also be painful. If your neck has been bothering you far too often, it might be time to consider other sports activities that do not involve too much forceful contact. Think this through before things take a turn for the worst.

8. Mind your work hours.

Being a workaholic seems to be the norm these days. The same is true with various kinds of pain, including neck discomfort. The longer your workdays are, the more tired and stressed out you become. At some point, your body will complain in the form of headaches, sore shoulders, and even a stiff neck.


A Neck Pain Chiropractor trained by NUCCA Can Help

If you have been trying to resolve this issue on your own yet are not making significant progress, then it might help if you consult a licensed NUCCA chiropractic professional. NUCCA chiropractors use precise yet gentle techniques to determine if a misalignment might be causing the neck pain.

The cervical spine or the neck has seven bones stacked on top of each other. Between the bones are discs that provide a cushion against impact. Head and neck trauma, improper posture, and degenerative diseases can cause alignment issues.

When this happens, the dislodged bones and discs can move closer to each other or press against their immediate surroundings. NUCCA chiropractors can resolve alignment issues which can lead to relief from neck pain. 

Finding a NUCCA doctor in your area is relatively easy using this directory. Enter your zip code and click on search.

Go ahead and look up your local chiropractic professional. Find out today how you can achieve relief from neck pain.