Can NUCCA Help Patients Suffering from Dizziness?
NUCCA and dizziness


NUCCA and Dizziness

NUCCA and dizzinessDizziness can be used to describe a wide range of feelings and conditions that affect people. Many classify everything from the feeling of lightheadedness to vertigo as varying types of dizziness. Is it possible for NUCCA to help patients who are suffering from this sensation? Consider the following two examples.

Two Case Studies Involving NUCCA and Dizziness

There are two notable published case studies that involve going to a NUCCA vertigo chiropractor to help deal with dizziness and regain a better quality of life.

One involves a 37-year-old woman who was injured when she fell down the stairs. One of the symptoms that resulted after her fall was vertigo. The NUCCA technique was used to identify and correct a specific misalignment in her upper cervical spine. After just one correction, the patient did not experience vertigo again.

Another case involved a 16-year-old girl who was hurt when she fell off a horse. Persistent dizziness and other issues kept her from being able to ride anymore and began affecting her performance in school. Again, the NUCCA technique was used to identify and correct an upper cervical misalignment. Within 14 weeks, her dizziness was reduced by 60%, and she no longer felt pain in her neck or head. In fact, she was able to return to competitive riding just 4 weeks after her first adjustment.

Why a NUCCA Vertigo Chiropractor Can Help?

From case studies like these, it is easy to infer that the symptoms were caused by the injuries sustained, particularly to the neck. When the upper cervical misalignments were corrected, both patients saw radical benefits.

Therefore, if a person is experiencing dizziness following head or neck trauma, even if that injury occurred a number of years ago, it is very important to see if an upper cervical misalignment has occurred. A NUCCA doctor may be able to detect and correct a misalignment leading to less or possibly even no more bouts of dizziness.

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