Meniere’s Disease: A Quick Guide for Patients

NUCCA chiropractic for Meniere's Disease

Living with Meniere’s disease can be quite a challenging experience. It may also seem scary, especially if you experience severe symptoms like vertigo attacks, ringing in the ears, or hearing loss. Fortunately, approaches such as the NUCCA chiropractic for Meniere’s Disease are frequently providing lasting relief. Besides that, you can also tap into other lifestyle […]

Central Vertigo vs. Peripheral Vertigo: a Natural Approach

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Countless patients flock to a chiropractor for vertigo each month, looking for a way to alleviate their symptoms. After all, vertigo can cause disorienting effects. It can prevent you from working and impact your personal life a variety of ways. Unfortunately, many patients who suffer from vertigo episodes don’t know why they have the symptoms […]

How to Gain Victory Over Vertigo

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In war, there are no victors, only victims.  Even when an army prevails over its enemy, the winning force soldiers come home with physical and psychological wounds.   From World War I, up to World War II and the Vietnam War, and even to the most recent conflicts in the Middle East, many men and women […]

What is Vertigo? Understanding Its Symptoms and Causes

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If you experience uncontrollable, dizzy feelings from time to time, it’s probably vertigo. A vertigo chiropractor can help you deal with common causes. But before you seek one, first, you must be able to pin down what’s behind your vertigo attacks. Let’s start by answering the most commonly asked question: what is vertigo?   What […]

Can NUCCA Help Patients Suffering from Dizziness?

NUCCA and dizziness

NUCCA and Dizziness Dizziness can be used to describe a wide range of feelings and conditions that affect people. Many classify everything from the feeling of lightheadedness to vertigo as varying types of dizziness. Is it possible for NUCCA to help patients who are suffering from this sensation? Consider the following two examples. Two Case […]

300 Whiplash Patients Get Help With Upper Cervical Chiropractic

NUCCA and whiplash

NUCCA and Whiplash Whiplash injuries can have long-lasting effects. Just a couple of these include migraines and vertigo. One study that involved 300 patients helped show a link between whiplash injuries and various health conditions. It also revealed benefits from the help of upper cervical chiropractic care. The Results of the Study While the study […]

Multiple Case Studies Point to NUCCA Benefits for Vertigo Sufferers

NUCCA and vertigo

NUCCA and Vertigo What is vertigo? It is the feeling that motion is present when there is none. For example, the patient may feel that the room is spinning. This feeling may only last for a few minutes, or it may last for hours. In some cases, the sensation is strong enough to cause nausea […]