NUCCA Gregory Circle Members

Gregory Circle membership helps us move forward with comprehensive education, public awareness, and research programs while also receiving additional membership benefits. We wouldn’t be able to continue our research within the profession without the support of our Gregory Circle members!

Gregory Circle Silver

Dr. Kerry Johnson
Dr. Blair Schmaus
Dr. Benjamin Kuhn
Dr. Joshua Stockwell

Gregory Circle Jr. Silver

Dr. Philip Arnone
Dr. Jamie Cramer
Dr. Keith Denton
Dr. Jacob Dodds
Dr. Lauren Dodds
Dr. Craig Lapenski
Dr. Ashleigh Street
Dr. Lee Yardley

Gregory Circle Sr. Bronze

Dr. Bradley Kennedy
Dr. Michael Russamano
Dr. Shawn Thomas


Gregory Circle Bronze

Dr. Valerie Briski
Dr. Justin Brown
Dr. Tymothy Flory
Dr. Greg Goffe
Dr. Jason Granger
Dr. Phil Kanwischer
Dr. Patrick Lin
Dr. Steven MacDonald
Dr. Aurora Ongaro
Dr. Reanna Plancich
Dr. Julia Radwanski
Dr. Jeffrey Scholten
Dr. Kurt Sherwood
Dr. Jayson Snyder

Gregory Circle Jr. Bronze

Dr. Jonathan Chung
Dr. Natalie Dabrowny
Dr. Christopher Dawson
Dr. Stanley Dombroski
Dr. Donald Erwin
Dr. Vince Fitzpatrick
Dr. Michael Foran
Dr. Patricia Gregg
Dr. Shawn Hall
Dr. Scott Hansen
Dr. Gordon Hasick
Dr. Jeff Hedrich

Dr. Johanna Hoeller
Dr. Daiki Ishiyama
Dr. Kyrie Klienfelter
Dr. John Kowalczyk
Dr. Jordan Landholm
Dr. Terry McCoskey
Dr. Jim Moore
Dr. Barbara Read
Dr. Finely Sesker
Dr. Jack Stockwell
Dr. Gary Thomson
Dr. Marcella Ziska

Gregory Circle Member Highlights

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