NUCCA II/Grand Rounds II Regional Workshop
Saturday, August 22 – Sunday, August 23, 2020


Saturday, August 22, 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (lunch is included)
Sunday, August 23, 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.


Dr. Jack Stockwell and Associates
10714 S Jordan Gateway #120
South Jordan, UT 84095


Dr. Jack Stockwell, NUCCA Board Certified

  • X-ray analysis, correction, post-X-ray analysis and reasoning
  • Explore concepts in Torque
  • Live patient demonstration (history, examination)
  • Education for a lifetime patient
Learning Objectives
  • Upper Cervical Subluxation Philosophy, Theories & Analysis
    • Contrast and compare chiropractic systems for intervention in the ASC. Review Articular & Orthogonal Upper Cervical interventions
  • ASC Imaging & Common Imaging Pathologies
    • Enhance knowledge of how to perform reproducible certification quality imaging
  • Case Management & Practice Principles
    • Review available instruments, tools and protocols for monitoring ASC reduction and methods for running a successful chiropractic practice.
  • Risk Management
    • Deliver overview examination recommendations to allow students to recognize when there may be other variables that may need to be investigated
  • Adjusting Technique
    • Be able to find an individualized balance point from where to initiate the adjustment
Learning Resources

NUCCA Protocol and Procedures


$400/per person
Registration is limited to the first 12 people so register early to secure your spot!
Cancellation Policy: To cancel your registration, please email Note that no refunds will be honored at any time.

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