Concussions in Kids after a Sport-Related Injury

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Millions of children in the USA participate in sports like basketball, soccer, hockey, and football. Sadly, a large fraction also experiences concussions. As a parent or guardian of a child athlete, it pays to know a thing or two about dealing with such trauma or injury. What are the symptoms you should look out for? […]

Concussion Symptoms and a Life-Changing Natural Remedy

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Many NUCCA patients wonder how concussion and chiropractic adjustment relate to each other. After all, concussions are a highly prevalent problem that causes mild to severe disruption in a person’s day to day activities.  So, is it truly possible to experience natural and lasting relief from debilitating symptoms of post concussion syndrome (PCS)? How can […]

Concussion: When It Is More Than Just a Headache

Headache, post-concussion syndrome chiropractor

In recent years, more and more people who engage in sports have benefited from the care of specialist who can help someone who is suffering from post-concussion syndrome, who some patients would even call their post-concussion syndrome chiropractor.  After feeling the usual body fatigue and bouts of headaches, pro athletes and recreational sports-goers have eliminated […]