Dr. Gregg has been in private practice in Austin, Texas since 1995. She was led to the NUCCA work in 1978 when her life changed significantly as a result of being run over by a truck while sledding. During her effort to recover, she felt the medical model had failed her, but after receiving her first NUCCA adjustment in 1983, she credits NUCCA with saving her life.

Dr. Gregg attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1991. She graduated in 1995 Cum Laude and also was on the president’s list throughout her term at Palmer. Dr. Gregg has trained seven NUCCA doctors in her clinic Back-N-Balance, three of whom have become part of her practice.

Dr. Gregg has been an instructor for NUCCA during the past seven years teaching Biomechanics and X-ray analysis both at the conferences and at Palmer College for the NUCCA elective class. She is also a contributing author to the Practice and Principles of NUCCA textbook.

Dr. Gregg has been active in the Chiropractic Society of Texas since 1996, and has served as the vice-president and treasurer.