Dr. Ben Kuhn

Dr. Ben Kuhn, Director

Dr. Ben Kuhn has extensive experience and education in engineering, physics and computers, outdoor living and building. Upon completing all the requirements needed for beginning a chiropractic course of study, he moved himself and his family of then four, to Davenport, Iowa, graduating in 2006 with his Doctor of Chiropractic. He was president of the NUCCA club, and also a radiology lab assistant. He was active in the student and alumni life of the college, wrote frequently in the college paper, and all the while, kept an active and lively family life with his wife and twin sons, welcoming a third in the winter of 2003.

Giving sensitive, effective, precision care is Dr. Kuhn’s philosophy and strength. He is encouraged when he frequently sees patients improve dramatically under NUCCA care, in not only the areas that were originally causing them difficulty or discomfort, but in unexpected areas as well, improving their quality of life overall, and for the long term. Dr. Kuhn sees NUCCA as a whole-spine approach. It’s an effective, gentle method of encouraging whole-body health, resilience and natural strength, while also effectively addressing specific, body-wide complaints or injuries and encouraging healing and prevention.

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